TheAppsTour 300x300 The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3   We are back with yet another edition of Apps Tour, and first one for this year, after a considerably long hiatus. But we’ll make it worth the wait! This time we have searched out 5 more iOS titles that you, being an iOS gamer, must absolutely try for either their uniqueness or excellent execution, or perhaps in the best of cases, both. So with no further delay, let’s begin this reunion tour. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Polara – If you think endless runners are shallow and nothing more than half-baked technical workpieces for companies to make money, wait till you play Polara. Polara is a brilliant little title by Hope That Works Games, which plays as a story driven, quasi-endless runner. It consists of a color-shifting mechanic, tasking you with changing the color of your suit to match that of the numerous security measures like lasers, jump-pads, gravity altering fields and so on in order to make it through them. Its story mode consists of 50 levels, each coming with a ridiculous amount of replayability. Each level judges you on the basis of the number of times you die, and completing without any deaths awards you with a flawless rating. There are also the game’s namesake alphabets and a special item scattered in each level, both requiring extra effort to collect. If the story levels weren’t enough, there are plenty of endless modes, ranging from Gravity Flip, to Random Endless modes  for the actual endless runner experience.  It may not exactly look amazing,  but it’s done-to-perfection more than makes up for it. The content this game offers for just a dollar is almost criminal, and that is a testament to the both the quality and quantity of Polara. It is an absolute must buy.

polara 640w The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3

A unique platformer bursting with content, Polara is an absolute must play.

2. Mikey Shorts – Ah the good ol’ days. When platforming was just about collecting coins and trying to beat your friends’ level times. Nowadays all kinds of bells and whistles, namely powerups, a plethora of In-App-Purchases have permeated even the best of iOS platforming titles. Wish things were simpler? Well, your prayers are answered. Mikey Shorts is an absolute delight, offering a simplistic yet challenging platforming experience. With 24 story levels and 60 challenge levels, all focused on collecting coins to unlock costumes and trying to finish each level as quick as possible, Mikey Shorts is quite possibly one of the best platformers on the iOS. Get it ASAP.

MikeyShorts 1 The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3

A throwback to the platformers of yore, Mikey Shorts deserves to be in every platofrming enthusiast’s library.

3. Pizzas Vs. Skeletons – This game is as ridiculous as it sounds, and ensures an extremely enjoyable experience. It’s hard to define which genre this game exactly belongs to. Is it a puzzler? A platformer maybe? Or an endless runner? Well, lets just say it offers a sampling of each of these game types in its distributed levels. Pizzas Vs. Skeletons is all about having a dough based Italian food item, no points for guessing it, smash skeletons in a huge number of levels, while collecting coins to unlock costumes. There are outrageously funny costumes you can equip your pizza with. In the mood for a pepperoni pizza that looks like Abe Lincoln with crooked teeth? You got it. And don’t get me started on its absolutely beautiful hand-drawn, pencil outlined visuals. It is one of the most original, inspired experiences on the App Store and you need to get it right now!

Photo+Feb+18+8+32+29+PM The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3

Look at all the dough bling! But seriously though, Pizzas Vs. Skeletons is refreshingly original and an easy recommendation.

4. Mutant Mudds – It started out as a downloadable title in Nintendo’s eShop. After garnering much critical acclaim, Renegade Kid’s dimension-shifting platformer makes its entry onto the App Store. Mutant Mudds is a beautiful, pixelated platformer about a boy who must stop an alien invasion by mud-like creatures. It makes a great use of its novel dimension shifting mechanic, letting you shift onto the levels present behind and in front of your current level at designated points. There are diamonds to be collected in each level which can be used to unlock weapon and jetpack upgrades in Granny’s Attic, only one of which can be activated at a given time. This is a tough game, have no doubt about it. Jumps must be perfect, and enemies can be really tough to deal with especially towards the end. God bless the in-level checkpoints. There are 60 standard, but still tough-as-nails levels to beat, along with 20 extra ‘Granny’ tough levels offering a wealth of content. Each level also has hidden portals which to extra extra tough sub levels for those seeking out additional challenge. If you don’t own a 3DS, make sure to try this one out.

img 5586 The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3

This dimension shifting platformer, ported from the 3DS, is just as good as it was. Probably a little less 3D-ey.

5. Spider : The Secret of Bryce ManorSpider is a deceptively simple game, in which you control a spider and you’re tasked with spinning webs, trapping the numerous insects present in each of the successive levels. Consuming these insects nets you points. The catch here is that you can’t just spin an unlimited number of cobwebs. There is a limit to that, different in each level. The aforementioned Bryce Manor in its namesake is where all the levels are set, and you can unlock various hidden facts and tidbits about the manor as you progress, rendering this game as an actual story-driven adventure and not just a collection of randomly strung together levels. Fortunately the game doesn’t exceed its stay and gets over before it gets repetitive. There are plenty of levels as well to keep you hooked. In addition, this game has fantastic art direction and looks impressive. It’s pretty original as well, in its gameplay and in its execution. So while the Spider Man games may give you a taste of spider like powers, this one right here is the real deal! There is no reason for you to not try this.

2010 03 08 06 480x320 The Apps Tour : The App Stores Finest Part 3

An inspired half-puzzle, half-exploration title, Spider deserves a try if you like short but sweet titles.

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2 Responses to “The Apps Tour : The App Store’s Finest Part 3”

  1. Shaan Joshi on 13 Jan 2013 at 11:16 am #

    I thoroughly enjoyed Spider; there was enough depth in the web system when it came to scoring points and completing challenges, and the hidden secrets were enticing.

    Good list.

    Akhil S Reply:

    @Shaan Joshi,
    Thanks ! Yeah I quite liked Spider too. You really should try out Polara and Pizzas vs. Skeletons, both are pretty original and well crafted.